Food: VitaFrute cocktails from @Veev

Vitafrute Cocktails

I received a free coupon for 2 bottles of VitaFrute from the manufacturer, Veev, a few weeks ago via Klout Perk. I like to try out new food and drink and it isn’t often that someone sends you free cocktails, so I headed out to find the product. That was a bit of a challenge. All the marketing called out one particular retailer who never seemed to have the product despite the advertising. I finally located Vita Frute at my local grocery store.

Premixed cocktails are always a mixed bag. They are mixed to fit a very generic flavor profile to please as many people as possible. That said, both the Margarita and Cosmopolitan versions I tasted, along with some friends, met with general approval.

I thought the Margarita tasted about as good as you expect in a pre-mixed cocktail. It was better than some margaritas I have had in big commercial chain restaurants, while maybe not as good as those hand-mixed by my knowledgable friend. I think it would definitely be something I might by again to jeep on hand for when friends drop in, or as an easy replacement for creating my own on those nights when I might want a cocktail, but don’t want to go through the work of creating it myself.

The Cosmopolitan cocktail was well-received, too, although an almost universal comment was that it needed a bit more tartness or sour in the mix. To test this out, I squeezed a slice of lime in my drink and then added the lime. A quick stir and taste and I think it was just about right. Cocktails should be a fine balance between sweet, sour — and bitter, in some cases — so a little tweaking might be in order to math your own taste preferences.

Overall, the cocktails were tasty and certainly drinkable. They do play to the lowest common denominator a bit, choosing flavor profiles and alcohol strength that appeal to those drinkers looking for a pleasant cocktail, not a challenging or subtle one.

VitaFrute from Veev

** These bottles were purchased with a coupon from and the manufacturer. The opinions here are my own.

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