…and soon it will be Friday night — End of the Day for June 26, 2014

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Ah, Friday arrives again. It is not like I live my live slavishly to the standard work week, but there is always something special about Friday, especially Friday nights. The beginning of a few days of rest is always a time for celebration, no matter how small. This week I have called another installment of our informal meetup group, LA Friday Coffee. It seems that some other folks are interested in a little weekend fun. We have a few RSVPs already and it will be fun to sit and chat and have a little coffee with friends.

I don’t get out nearly enough these days and, I feel, I’ve become much to isolated. It doesn’t help when we are all at the age where life is just a little too busy. Kids, work and family all conspire to keep us overly to everything but our own happiness. I spend a lot of time in “heads down” mode, churning through tasks only to look up and find it 2, 3, even 4 hours later. I know my friends and family are probably feeling the same. Many drop out of sight, except for an occasional Facebook message or picture. Without Facebook, I wouldn’t have any info at all. Thanks goodness we can at least connect there.

LA Friday Coffee

We do have some friends who are focused on taking time for themselves and for us, though, thank goodness. They make sure to share possible events with us, as we do with them. They are one of the few couples to regularly host parties and stop by for dinner. I respect them greatly for making time for us and always try to make time for them, too. It seems a relationship more from the 1970’s than current society, as that is when we were both growing up, so it only makes sense. I mss this type of relationship today, although I am also fully aware of how it has changed and why. You can’t live in the past, but you can bring some of the best parts of the past forward with you.

We are starting to see some relief in our own lives as far as work, life and schedules go. Work is settled into a fairly normal pattern and Joseph is developing more and more of his own life and independence as he grows older. It is a bit odd, but at times he seems more a roommate than a son. He is taking the bus on his own to visit fiends and go to movies and has more parties to attend than we do these days. (LAUGH)

So, enough for to tonight. Tomorrow we do a little house holding and work and then we get some time for us. Something that everyone needs in their life.


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