Energy reserves are running low — End of the Day for April 19, 2014

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Fast times and slow times. Up times and down times. Busy and calm. Life is filled will all of these and more. This weekend is the beginning of Spring Break for Joseph, but Monday means back to work for Rosanne and I. This means that the weekend is really our only vacation so we have been taking it easy, at least a little. Of course, there is always something to do, but we are building in regular breaks between the tasks and talking a few more naps than usual.

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Jack Sparx and his Electric Toys from Maker Faire 2008 – Click for video

Tomorrow we will be doing our traditional trip to Orange County for Easter lunch with family, eating some good food and then settling back in at home, hopefully before too late in the evening. It is always Important for us to get some prep time before heading back into the. Work week, even if the prep time means nothing back packing our bags and getting a good night’s sleep.

All this business can wear me down a bit. There are times I feel I am on a bit of a treadmill sometimes. I can feel myself wearing out as the year progresses and I can see it in Rosanne, too. It can be hard to maintain your energy over 9 months or more, but you must find a way to do it. Something we used to do — and need to do regularly again — is take short 2-3 day vacations throughout the year. This has become more and more difficult with 3 schedules to manage, but as Joseph gets older and Rosanne develops more seniority in her career we are finding more times when we can escape together. Of course, in just 2 more years we will be back to a couple once again as Joe moves on to college and that will make things easier, too.

For now, though, it is catch as catch can. We will couch our energy reserves and push on until June, then we’ll get a bit of time to recharge.
What do you do to rebuild and recharge your energy at this time of year? Share your secrets in the comments!

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