Pushing through the rough parts — End of the Day for April 7, 2014

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April arrives and it is almost possible to believe that the second quarter of the year is upon us. The year seems to be rocketing by. In a year when I hope to accomplish a lot the speed at which it is passing is a bit alarming. Every day that passes without major accomplishments is gone and can’t be regained, This can weigh on my mind a bit, sometimes, I think that it is probably something that everyone experiences on occasion. Call it worry. Call it stress. Call it feeling unaccomplished. I think all apply.

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That is not to say i am not accomplishing things on both the work and personal side. I get a lot done from day to day, some of it hits its mark and some strays a bit or doesn’t measure up even to my own standards. It is when I fall short that the overall doubts creep in. I have to be very careful to not go “down the rabbit hole” with  my own self-doubt. Start over-juding yourself and anyone can become non-functional. Instead, you have to just keep trying, keep working, keep creating and learn from everything you do. If you learn a little something each time, you’ll grow better day after day — or at least that is my hope.

I will admit that some days it can be a slog, though. You have to work through all the rough spots to get to the good ones and sometimes you can’t tell what is going to work out in the end. I can put a lot of effort into something only to have to struggle a bit in its final form. That is the trouble with life in general, I would guess, though, You are never quite sure how things will turn out in the end, You just have to keep trying. There is really no other way.


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