Science and Cosmos – End of the Day for March 12, 2014

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I have always loved science in all its forms. As a child my favorite book was a Reader’s Digest Encyclopedia of the Earth and some of the best grades I ever received were in my science classes. Math would give me trouble, but science was always my friend. My love for science continues to this day. I still follow loads of scientific and technology blogs and eagerly watch science shows and read science books.


This evening I finally was able to watch the first episode of Cosmos, the new version of the original series by Carl Sagan that aired back when I was in high school. As and A/V geek at school, it was one of my jobs to record Cosmos so science teachers could use it in their classes. I remember sitting there enthralled episode after episode. I still have phrases in my language and examples I use in my own teaching that come directly from the original Cosmos series. It is great to see a new version that looks to be just a amazing as the original series. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a great host and carries the same joy in science that Sagan shared with us back in the 19080’s. I look forward to the remainder of the series and will make an effort to share it with everyone I know.

Why is science so important? For me, even as a non-scientist, the scientific method has given me some of the most basic rules of my life. Make a hypothesis. Design an experiment to test that hypothesis. Confirm your theory or prove it is flawed. Then, make another hypothesis based on your new knowledge. My entire career of troubleshooting is based on the scientific method, but I use it every day and have throughout my life. For me, the scientific method is a important as any great text, any great historical story, any great religious revelation. It gives us a way of engaging with the world around us and learning from each and every moment.

Take a moment and check out Cosmos. I think it will ignite (or re-ignite) your joy in science and all it can bring us.

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