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So ‘Taz’ (that’s his name we know now) was safely home again this morning. Our post to the neighborhood Facebook list was seen by one neighbor who then ran into Taz’s owner and let her know where her puppy spent the night. We had a good night together. Taz is quite well-behaved. We often joke that we have a very dog-like cat and Taz is a very cat-like dog. We kept the cats and him apart overnight, but even when he saw them through the back door, he showed no signs of wanting to chase them or even bark. A little food and water was all he required.

I had planned on taking him up the street to our Vet for a quick scan for microchip and I found out from his owner that that would have worked, as he is registered. Good to know, although a collar and tag has allowed me to reunite animals and owners more quickly in the past. This is one major reason our totally indoor cats have tags — just in case they ever get out.

Unfortunately, even with a well-behaved animal, a few late night barks and a noisy early morning meant I had yet another night of limited sleep. That makes 3 days running and I am feeling the effects. I plan on sleep long and hard tonight so I can get back to my usual level of work. Today was a bit of a “basic” day — accomplishing what needed to be done, but lacking the brain power for more creative work. Tomorrow there will be time for that, of course, but today just simply “was.” It can be hard to take this sort of day when it arrives, but you just need to understand the situation and let the day happen. To fight against it usually just makes it worse and prevents me from getting anything done.

As I have said before, tomorrow is another day. So, with that thought, I bid you adieu and wish you bon nuit!

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