Video: A Year of Self Preservation with Douglas E. Welch – A presentation to Tuesdays with Transitioners

I was invited out to speak to the career group, Tuesdays with Transitioners, in what has become an annual presentation. This year I present “A Year of Self Preservation.” You can watch the entire presentation below in this YouTube video.

It is a fact of nature that we often spend many hours of each day focused on someone else. We focus on our boss, our job, our family, our projects — but one person is usually left out of this focus — you! We can easily lose ourselves in the clamor for our attention. This year, though, I call for “A Year of Self Preservation”. A year of returning the focus to ourselves and our own lives, so that we can continue to help others.

It is my firm belief that we can only, truly, help others when we ourselves are in a good position. If we try to do too much, without the support of friends, family or a stable income, we risk placing our own life, work and income in jeopardy. This isn’t selfishness. Self preservation is about establishing a firm foundation where you can stand so you can offer a helping hand to others.

The tenets of A Year of Self Preservation are:

  • Taking care of yourself first — not last
  • Learning when and how to say — No
  • Distancing yourself from negativity and avoiding the downward cycle

 Attendee Comments

“Valuable information, superbly presented. Time well spent.”

“Very good subject and some great insight on the topic. I enjoyed it.”

“Today’s meetup was very thought provoking. Douglas’s presentation was wonderful and very timely. We must constantly be reminded of this “self preservation” and the importance it plays in our happiness throughout life.”

Watch “A Year of Self Preservation” on YouTube

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