Douglas E. – Blog, Podcast and Video Series Schedule as of February 2013

Dew schedule

As mentioned in my update video of 2 days ago, I have established a schedule for my blog, podcast and video series and I am trying to stick to it as closely as I can. I am still adding more series and ending others as I get a feel for what as the most value and interest to you. For now, here is how things are working at the moment.

  • Sunday
    • Container Garden Update – Video & Podcast
    • New Media Gear – Blog
    • Tuesdays with Transitioners Job Listings – Blog (when there are updates to report)
  • Monday
    • Career Opportunities – Blog & Podcast
    • Interesting Plant Series – Blog
  • Tuesday
    • Garden Vocabulary – Blog
    • Recipes in Rotation – Blog
  • Wednesday
    • In the garden… – Video & Podcast
    • On my iPhone/Android Series – Blog
  • Thursday
    • Garden History – Blog
    • New Media Vocabulary – Blog
    • On my Mac/Windows PC – Blog
  • Friday
    • Career Opportunities – From the archives – Blog & Podcast
    • Garden Alphabet – Blog and Photos
    • Subscribed – Blog
  • Saturday
    • Garden Inventory – Blog
    • New Food – Blog

Please let me know through the comments which series you find most interesting or useful. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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