Books on Hold: Risk Intelligence: How to Live with Uncertainty by Dylan Evans

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The inability to properly gauge and understand risks and act in a world of uncertainty is one of the biggest limitations in most people’s thinking today. It leaves people apt lash out in fear or worry themselves into sickness. I’m looking forward to read what this book has to say about developing a better understanding of risks.

Risk Intelligence: How to Live with Uncertainty by Dylan Evans

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There is a special kind of intelligence for dealing with risk and uncertainty. It doesn’t correlate with IQ, and most psychologists failed to spot it because it is found in such a disparate, rag-tag group of people – American weather-forecasters, professional gamblers, and hedge-fund managers, for example.

This book shows just how important risk intelligence is. Many people in positions which require high risk intelligence – doctors, financial regulators and bankers, for instance – seem unable to navigate what Evans calls the “darkened room”, the domain of doubt and uncertainty.

Risk Intelligence is a traveller’s guide to the twilight zone of probabilities and speculation. Evans shows us how risk intelligence is vital to making good decisions, from dealing with climate change to combating terrorism. He argues that we can all learn a lot from expert gamblers, not just about money, but about how to make decisions in all aspects of our lives. Introducing a wealth of fascinating research findings and using a wide range of real-life examples–from the brilliant risk assessment skills of horse race handicappers to the tragically flawed evaluations of risk that caused the financial crisis–Evans reveals the common errors in our thinking that undermine our risk intelligence. He also introduces a host of simple techniques we can use to boost our RQ, and a brief test to measure our RQ. Both highly engaging and truly mind-changing, Risk Intelligence will fascinate all of those who are interested in how we can improve our thinking in order to enhance our lives.”

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