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#KitchenParty Vegas: Connected appliances at CES – Where to eat in Las Vegas – Recorded Version

January 9th, 2013

This week we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with +Think with Google and +PSFK during +International CES in Las Vegas for a series of Hangouts about innovation, creativity and insights for a forward-thinking tech world. On Thursday at 2PM PT/5PM ET we’re heading into the studio for a special Hangout that will help answer questions from where to take your clients out to dinner at #2013CES  to whether you really need that talking fridge.

Founder +Babette Pepaj of will be chatting with some of the top culinary minds to share the best places to eat in Vegas as well as answer one of the most talked about themes this year at CES…what’s this “connected kitchen” thing all about? From an oven that can cook two meals at once to a fridge that has more apps than your phone to a wi-fi connected washing machine that you can monitor from your TV, what does a connected home really mean? Will these appliances make your food taste better? Will your fridge have its own mind?Babette leads the discussion with +Rene Lynch (+Los Angeles Times), +Jeff Houck (Tampa Tribune), and +Douglas Welch of They’ll be chatting with the pros over at Whirlpool about their smart appliances and what your future kitchen will look like.
Did you see something fun for the kitchen at CES you want to share? Do you have a great Vegas restaurant suggestion or tip? Tune into the front page of +Think with Google or for a lively discussion. You can also tag your tweets and Google+ posts with #kitchenparty  and you might get a shout-out!


At 2PM PT/5PM ET, please refresh this page or click play on the video that will be added to this page about 20 minutes before the show starts. You can post to twitter on the right or post to facebook below if you have questions. Follow the conversation on twitter by using #kitchenparty. Can’t wait until this party starts! Once the show starts, please click on the video to start the video feed. The google hangout does not start automatically.


If you don’t want to miss an episode, subscribe to our google+ account or youtube pages.

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