January is National Hot Tea Month #kitchenparty

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January is National Hot Tea Month

January can be cold, dreary, and damp even here in Southern California. The early darkness each night is yet another reason to sit back with a nice hot cup of tea. What a perfect month to celebrate this excellent, warm concoction.

My wife recently switched from coffee to tea as her main morning (and evening) drink of choice. She explained to me, “Because of our trip to Wales a few years ago, I enjoyed having tea with my breakfast — which I never would have done here in the States. A couple of months later, when I was suffering with the flu, I didn’t drink my usual coffee for a week. Even when I felt better, coffee still seemed too harsh, and tea became my new habit. While I still drink coffee on occasion when visiting my family in Sicily, I am a confirmed tea drinker now.”

How to celebrate National Tea Month:

What do you like most about tea? Share your comments here!

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