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I came across this post in my feeds the other day and immediately headed over to sign up for the Macheesmo mailing list. This eCookbook (PDF format) contains some excellent recipes to add to my collection.

As the school year begins for my college professor wide and high-school-aged son, it falls to me to have healthily and tasty meals on the table when they get home. My Favorite Weeknight Meals has already given me several ideas to add to my repertoire. Check it out! 

From the Macheesmo web site…

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s effective. It’s 30 of my absolute, favorite weeknight meals. These are meals that I’ve posted somewhere before… either on Macheesmo, on another website, or in Cornerstone Cooking.

But it’s a fun collection because it’s all meals that I love to make after a busy weeknight.

Almost all of the 30 meals in ebook take less than an hour to make. A lot of them also have steps that can be made in advance to even further decrease after-work prep time.

Oh… and the best part about this eBook?


My fave weeknight meals

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