Any way you use a journal is the “write” way

Even with all my technology, I still carry a paper journal. I don’t “journal” in the traditional sense, but use it to capture thoughts and ideas when I am on the go. I still find that easier than typing into my computer or iphone when I am out of the office.

Even more, I recommend that everyone have some way of capturing their ideas. Too many ideas are lost simply because they are not captured when they first appear. You never know how useful an idea might be in the future.

It is important to remember that any way you use a journal is the right way. Don’t let anyone tell you have you to do it this way to that way or you are somehow “doing it wrong.” Your journal is yours and you should use it in a way that makes it useful to you. Make lists, draw, paint, have a conversation with yourself, whatever you need. I do a combination of all of these and more.

Here is a picture of my current journal, along with the next one in line, a cool Lego-themed Moleskine.

Journals old and new

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Become a Better Person by Keeping a Journal

Life comes and goes quickly. One day you are young, vibrant, and “taking charge” and then all of the sudden your are waking up, going through the motions and putting your time in. As your life passes you by, your experiences are some of the most important things you have to show for it.

Rather than let your life pass as a stream of experiences that you won’t remember later or never stop to process their meaning, keep a journal to become a better person.

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