What I’m Reading…The Lodger Shakespeare

I happened upon this book in the Los Angeles Public Library’s e-media (i.e. ebook/audio book) download area. It seeks to give us a picture of Shakepeare through the small evidence found in a court case in which Shakespeare was a witness. There is a lot more in this book besides that, though. I have enjoyed delving a little deeper into the mind and life of this tremendous author.

From Amazon.com…

The Lodger Shakespeare by Charles Nicholl

“In 1612, Shakespeare gave evidence in a court case at Westminster—and it is the only occasion on which his actual spoken words were recorded. In The Lodger Shakespeare, Charles Nicholl applies a powerful biographical magnifying glass to this fascinating but little-known episode in the Bard’s life. Drawing on evidence from a wide variety of sources, Nicholl creates a compellingly detailed account of the circumstances in which Shakespeare lived and worked amid the bustle of early seventeenth-century London. This elegant, often unexpected exploration presents a new and original look at Shakespeare as he was writing such masterpieces as Othello, Measure for Measure, and King Lear.”

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