Home-Made Toys for Boys and Girls

Home made toys

A post on Pinterest earlier today lead me to OpenLibrary.org and this book, Home-made Toys for Boys and Girls. The lovely collection of instructions and diagrams was first published in 1915 and harkens back to an earlier age when parents and kids would make toys at home instead of buying everything at the store.

I can imagine a farmer sitting around on a rainy day or night putting something together for his son or daughter or even building something more complex for a Christmas gift. There are projects here that can be assembled by a handy boy or girl themselves, too.

You can read the entire book, including illustrations for FREE in a number of different format including an online reader, PDF, ePub, plain text, MOBI and even have the book sent automatically to your Kindle over WiFi.

OpenLIbrary.org has a goal…

“One web page for every book ever published. It’s a lofty but achievable goal. To build Open Library, we need hundreds of millions of book records, a wiki interface, and lots of people who are willing to contribute their time and effort to building the site.


Open Library is a project of the non-profit Internet Archive, and has been funded in part by a grant from the California State Library and the Kahle/Austin Foundation.”

Visit the page for Home-made Toys for Boys and Girls

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