Product: Cookbook Cafe 2.0 Launches Today! – Get your cookbook on!

Cookbook cafe 20

A few months ago, I created a cookbook for this iPad App and Web site. Cookbook Cafe allows anyone to create their own cookbook and deliver it directly to user’s iPads. (You can also access the cookbooks directly on the web site)

This new app allows anyone — individuals, charities and non-profits, restaurants, etc — to create (and sell) their own cookbooks. It presents the cookbooks complete with photos and videos in an attractive fashion, just like a paper cookbook.

My “beta” cookbook is entitled “Sharing Christmas with Friends” and includes a number of cookie recipes, beverages and even my secret Christmas Chili recipe! (LAUGH) – View “Sharing Christmas with Friends” cookbook.

You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store — Cookbook Cafe.

Want to create your own cookbook? Visit the Cookbook Cafe Creator.

Here is an intro video from Babette Pepaj, Founder of Bakespace




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