Barrel age your own cocktails?

I came across this amazingly geeky idea in my RSS feeds recently. I love it when people take something to its apotheosis, such as using this small piece of aging barrel to “age” your own cocktails. I suppose you could also use it to age and season some of your own liquor if you distilled it yourself. $10 is a fairly cheap price to give it a try.

Barrel stave

From the original blog post at Man Made…

The trend of barrel-aging whole cocktails has emerged among mixologists (likely attributed to expert Jeffrey Morganthaler), and in the absence of your own tiny casks, you can aged your own “white” cocktails for a mere $10 investment.   The trick is a jar and a tiny piece of stave from an aging barrel. Available at Tuthill Town Spirits for $10.

Read the entire article: How to: Barrel-Age Your Own Cocktails for $10

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