Five golden days — and three cookies!

The weekends are always my most productive baking time and today was no exception. In fact, I might even bake some more this evening after dinner, just to get a little further ahead.

Strawberry Milk Chipsters

I first discovered these via the Picky Palate blog. The inclusion of Strawberry Quik in these cookies caught my eye immediately. Quik is one of those special taste memories from my childhood and the thought of a cookie that included it — along with one of my other favorites, white chocolate — I couldn’t resist. Like most cookies, these are really easy to throw together at the last minute. I am wondering what would happen if I used Chocolate Quik, or maybe Ovaltine instead of the Strawberry Quik. I love malted milk flavorings, too, so I might be on to something there.

Recipe: Strawberry Milk Chipsters

Strawberry Milk Chipsters

Strawberry Milk Chipsters


Angel Bars

This bar recipe is oozy-gooey-rich-and-chewy and one of my guests favorites. It is basically a pastry crust with a pecan-caramel topping. Baking it gives this great crunchy top and sides, too. The recipe comes straight from the Joy of Cooking cookbook, one of my go-to sources for cookie recipes. This is mainly because this the first cookbook I ever used and also the first one I turned to when I began hosting this annual party 18 years ago. I have both an older, paperback version (which is getting harder and harder to read the older I get) and a larger velobind, version which, unfortunately can’t seem to hold on to its pages, which are always falling out of the binding. I avoided the new hardback, revised edition that came out a few years ago, as they removed some of the recipes I use regularly.

I omit the flaked coconut from the recipe, as it is not my favorite, and I also omit the icing. These are plenty sweet without adding more sugar on the top.

Recipe: Angel Slices from the Joy of Cooking

Angel Bars from Joy of Cooking

Angel Bars from Joy of Cooking Angel Bars from Joy of Cooking


Pecan Puffs from the Joy of Cooking

These are my wife’s favorite cookies out of everything I make, so a double batch is a must. These are another really easy cookie to make although they take much longer to bake than others — 30 minutes/batch. After that, though, it is only a quick roll in powdered sugar and you are done.

Recipe: Pecan Puffs from the Joy of Cooking

Pecan Snoballs from Joy of Cooking

Pecan Snoballs from Joy of Cooking

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