Food: Pizza night at home – Dreams of Sicily

I do love my pizza and after almost 3 weeks back from Sicily I was having a bit of a pizza craving. I looked back through my Google Shared items and found this No-Knead Pizza Crust recipe. After a quick mix in the stand mixer, it just as to rise for 2 hours. I then formed it into 3 pizza crusts and 4 dinner rolls.

Pizza After with Provolone and Salami

PIzza before Pizza After with Provolone and Salami Margarita Pizza for Rosanne Margarita Pizza for Rosanne

I topped mine with some provolone cheese, some fresh mozzarella and and some salami slices. Rosanne made a traditional Margharita pizza with tomatoes, fresh basil from the garden and mozzarella cheese. They  baked up really well, but I need to work and get them even thinner to more closely match the Sicilian style crust which is thin, thin, thin. The sauce is my our family red sauce — my own recipe.


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