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Link: Stock Your Freezer – Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of great tips for the kitchen in this post – so many that I am having to work through it slowly. Even though I regularly make large batches of pasta sauce, chili and soups to freeze, there are some reminder in here other great things to freeze for later, like bread and pizza crust dough and unbaked cookies. We already use the freezer to store bananas which are on the verge of becoming overripe. These are then turned into smoothies and banana breads whenever we are ready for them.

It is also a great idea to freeze fresh berries as they come into season so you can have some all year long. To make them last longer, and easier to use, we lay out the fresh berries on a cookie sheet and put that in the freezer. Once the fruit is frozen solid, they can be stored in a zip top bag or other container without merging into one large clump that must be used all at once. It is great to be able to pull out a handful of blueberries for a smoothie or batch of muffins.

* Originally found at Annies Eats via Stock Your Freezer – Tips and Tricks.

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