Visiting the UK – What would you recommend?

The Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales
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The Welch family is off on an adventure to the UK from June 16 through June 26!

This surprise trip came about when Rosanne was accepted to present at paper at the “Investigating Torchwood” conference to be held at the University of Glamorgan near Cardiff. Since, Joe was only 2 1/2 when we last visited, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let him see all those sites we have seen in various BBC shows, like Doctor Who. I am constantly telling him, “You’ve been right there!” as we watch the episodes. To which he now quickly replies, “Yeah, yeah, sure”

Since we will be in Cardiff at he beginning of the trip, we are flirting with using the train system to visit some of the smaller historical cities in the south instead of simply heading directly back to London. So, on that note, I am looking for your recommendations for places to go and things to see. My current list includes the possible destinations of Bath, Oxford, and Stratford-on-Avon. With a name like Welch, I think it might be interesting to explore Wales a bit more and see if I can find some deeper connection to my (unknown) roots on that side of the family.

Do you have any other additional, or better, recommendations? Please keep in mind that I will NOT be driving, so everything needs to be easily accessible by train. The thought of driving on the left makes my head explode, let alone actually doing it. (LAUGH)

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