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Germany: In Berlin a cemetery becomes a park and community garden via City Farmer

Cemeteries are observed in urban ecology studies for their biological qualities. The type of space, which includes the function of burial within a defined perimeter, has in fact over the years ensured the preservation of “natural islands” within the city: green areas, often informally used as parks, populated by animals, insects, trees and wild vegetation. […]

Lovely grapes, Pop Up ”Beach” and Market with DJ via Instagram

Lovely grapes, Pop Up ”Beach” and Market with DJ Praça de Carlos Alberto, Porto, Portugal A great moment to shop for some fresh produce and trinkets and kick back for a while.  and Follow Join A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook Don’t miss a single post! Sign up for the Gardener’s Notebook Mailing List * A […]

Red hibiscus in the neighborhood

What interesting flowers and plants do you find in your neighborhood? Share your thoughts in the comments! Red hibiscus in the neighborhood Some flowers are so striking they almost appear to be fake. This hibiscus is so glossy, it looks like something created at a silk flower shop and not actually growing along the street.  This […]

Silver Succulent — Follow Me On Instagram!

Silver Succulent Spotted at my local mall while visiting the farmers market the other day. I was demonstrating to a friend how “getting close” to your photo subject can make almost anything artistic and dramatic.   and Follow Don’t miss a single post! Sign up for the Gardener’s Notebook Mailing List Learn more about succulents ††† * […]

Redbud in the neighborhood via My Instagram

Redbud in the neighborhood I don’t see many of these trees in the neighborhood, but this one seems to like it here.  Join me at Douglas E. Welch Photography on Facebook  and Follow Read more on this topic: Rhaphiolepis Flowers and Berries via My Instagram Rhaphiolepis Flowers In The Neighborhood via My Instagram Redbud Lavender […]

The garden is going to the birds!

Over the last several years there has been a large resurgence in gardening for food in the suburban backyard. Websites, magazines and televisions seem filled with advice on getting the largest harvest from your garden, square foot gardening, converting lawns to gardens and more. Hot on the heels of this growing interest comes a new […]