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This Is the Easiest Way to Avoid Overwatering Plants, According to the Royal Horticultural Society via Apartment Therapy

Just like many other events (like our Small/Cool Experience!), the Royal Horticulture Society made their annual Chelsea Garden Show virtual for the first time in 107 years. While it’s not over, horticulturalist experts have already shared an abundance of tips on how to successfully grow your own plants—including a clever way on how to avoid overwatering it. Each day’s […]

MudPi – Automated Garden System With the Raspberry Pi via Adafruit Industries

Grow the produce you love with less water, time and effort A scalable smart garden system that allows you to maintain controls, monitor conditions, and sustainably manage resources of your garden. MudPi is made to install on top of your existing irrigation. This way you’re not locked to any specific method or vendor. The main […]

Planting time is already here, in some states

Image by Getty Images via Daylife This was originally written for release in February 2010 for another publication, but it never appeared. Much of the information is still valid, though, even as as move through April. — Douglas While much of the US is still buried under quite a bit of snow, out here in […]