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When Botany Was for Ladies via JSTOR Daily

In late nineteenth century America, botany was understood as implicitly feminine. Young women took to studying botany in a conjoining of interest, social acceptance, and readily available schooling and textbooks. The growing field welcomed a community of participants. Few of these women became professional botanists or earned higher degrees, but as teachers, collectors, observers, writers, […]

These Talented Artists Will Inspire You to Get a Botanical Tattoo – Sunset via Sunset Magazine

You want a tattoo and are thinking of taking inspiration from the garden? You’re not alone. When it comes to choosing a design, you can’t really go wrong with the classics. The red rose is a tattoo standby for a reason: the flower has long held connotations of love and beauty, yet it’s also armed […]

How to Prune Garden Roses via Martha Stewart

It’s no secret that roses are falling back in fashion with home gardeners. In and out of vogue since the days of Cleopatra, these days we’re less crazed about the super tight, “Will-you-accept-this-rose” version of the flower and much more enamored with the garden variety—meaning old-school forms, such as those coming from the English floral breeder David Austin. Though […]

Germany: In Berlin a cemetery becomes a park and community garden via City Farmer

Cemeteries are observed in urban ecology studies for their biological qualities. The type of space, which includes the function of burial within a defined perimeter, has in fact over the years ensured the preservation of “natural islands” within the city: green areas, often informally used as parks, populated by animals, insects, trees and wild vegetation. […]

Discover Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium: A Beautiful Digital Edition of the Poet’s Collection of Pressed Plants & Flowers Is Now Online via Open Culture

So many writers have been gardeners and have written about gardens that it might be easier to make a list of those who didn’t. But even in this crowded company, Emily Dickinson stands out. She not only attended the fragile beauty of flowers with an artist’s eye—before she’d written any of her famous verse—but she […]

Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo via GAP Photos – Garden & Plant Picture Library

I have some bricks from a neighbor’s teardown and I think this would be a great idea to build in the garden. I’ll post photos when I make it happen.— Douglas   Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo – © Lee Avison/GAP Photos ➡️ Read Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo | GAP […]

Hardscaping 101: Rain Gardens via Gardenista

As soon as it starts raining, I can’t help but think of all the ways I should be saving this precious resource. My son always suggests we catch the water by putting out a bunch of buckets, and I politely tell him that while that is a solution, there are more effective ways to use […]

r/gardening – Hugelkultur in progress via reddit

I have been thinking of trying out something like this and these photos give me even more desire to do it. — Douglas   Read Hugelkultur in progress – first attempt. I’m sure mistakes were made, but I had fun building my HILL 🙂 I used up all of the rotten logs from the firewood […]

Meet the monkeyflower, a weed that may hold the key to zebra stripes and other biological mysteries via Science | AAAS

Yaowu Yuan’s passion for monkeyflowers began in 2004 with a slideshow. Then a budding plant taxonomist at the University of Washington in Seattle and an avid hiker, he was amazed at the variety of wildflowers he saw on his outings in the Cascade mountains. Like Charles Darwin, he was vexed by what Darwin called an […]

Mel 💚 on Instagram: “Doing what I love and sharing it with you makes me so happy ☺️ . Another cheap and cheerful wicker hanging basket to add to the collection…” via Instagram

          View this post on Instagram                   Doing what I love and sharing it with you makes me so happy ☺️ . Another cheap and cheerful wicker hanging basket to add to the collection 😍 . 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 . #hangingout . #succulents #hangingbasket #cheap […]