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Elsewhere: SproutRobot.com – Enter Zip and receive planting ideas for your zone and date

I came across this site via a post on Pinterest.com — a great place to find new ideas. SproutRobot.com allows you to enter your zip code and then receive info on what can be planted now in your are and how to do it. Great way to get some timely reminders of what you could […]

Elsewhere: Video: TedTalks: A Garden in My Apartment

A great talk on a system to building a garden anywhere you have available space and light. Does it give you some thought? It sure does that for me. Check it out! and let me know what you think in the comments. Could you use this in your house or apartment? Would you try it […]

Video: Watch the great pumpkin grow!

Ok, this is pretty darn cool! We usually only see the end result of these pumpkins, but this video gives an entirely new perspective. Read more on this topic: Video: The Jacarandas are in bloom Video: Garden Morning – A slice of life video Video: Tomatomania 2011: Scenes and Interview Great Backyard Bird Count Bird […]

Photo: Heirloom tomatoes at Farmer’s Market

I found this lovely tableau of heirloom tomatoes at the Fashion Square Farmer’s Market on Tuesday night. This is quite a striking indicator of what the tomato world must once had been before the over-large, over-red, easily transportable varieties hit found their way to market. Read more on this topic: Photo: Microgreens – You can […]

Video: Bob Jones, Sr talks about seed germination testing at Chef’s Garden, Inc. #saturday6

While the Saturday6 was touring Chef’s Garden, Inc., Bob Jones, Sr. met us in the lab. This high-tech space is fit into a retired shipping container, but has some very high-tech stuff inside. One topic he spoke on was the germination testing they do on their seeds. Chef’s Garden is a business, after all, and […]

Video: Chef’s Garden “Unboxing” – chef-quality produce from Ohio

Join me as I open a box of ultra-fresh produce delivered straight from Chef’s Garden, Inc. in Huron, Ohio. I had the pleasure of visiting their company as part of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6 and they were kind enough to send me a “Family Box” of veg to try. Come see everything that was included. Click the […]

Photo: Saturday6 Lunch Menu at Culinary Vegetable Institute

Here is the menu for our Saturday6/Troy-Bilt lunch at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio. Wow! What a meal! The produce was fresh, fresh, fresh and even I, a non-veggie-loving individual, loved it. The beets had been stored since last November in their custom-built root cellar and had sweetened over the months. I am […]