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Photo: Pumpkin flower

I caught this lovely pumpkin flower in all its glory the other morning and wanted to share it here. The pumpkin plants are small, but they seem to be throwing off some particularly grand flowers. I hope they end up leading to actual pumpkins down the road. Read more on this topic: Photos: Pumpkin Flowers […]

Photos: Pumpkin Flowers

A few months ago I smashed a pumpkin into a newly made hole in the garden. We had had a tree removed and the pit where the stump had been seemed a good location to build up a garden bed. I added some compost to the whole, dumped in the pumpkin, chopped it up to […]

Video: Vegetables in Containers

In this project, we use vegetables in containers to make the most of the few, full sun, areas we have in the garden — chasing the sun, as it were. We found the large pots at a yard sale just 2 hours away. The original marked price was $7 each. We got them for $2 […]

Elsewhere: Best tomato cages: Six picks from the pros

I came across this short LA Times article on tomato cages and saw that Scott Daigre of Tomatomania was one of those interviewed. I have interviewed Scott myself on 2 occasions as our local tomato mania event happens just a mile from our house. You can see my interview with Scott in the video below. […]

Video: Container Carrot Update

Douglas gives a quick update on his container carrot project. Can’t see the video? Watch “AGN – Container Carrot Update” on YouTube.   Please like Like this video and/or subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Follow A Gardener’s Notebook on Pinterest Follow A Gardener’s Notebook on Twitter Like A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook Circle A […]

My favorite shared garden items for May 2012

Here are my favorite shared items for May 2012. Please let me know in the comments if you find any of these particularly useful. I’ll keep my eye open for similar items — Douglas Garden / Grow your own sweet potatoes Garden / Quick and easy gardening idea for new space just using topsoil bags for […]

My Minecraft Garden

My son is a huge Minecraft fan — and a bit of an expert — so I am trying to get him to give me some secrets of Minecraft. With the little time I have in-game, I decided to see if I could use it to do a little playing and maybe even some planning.  […]

Photo: Carrots emerging

We trying out a method of planting small bunches of carrots in deep vertical containers. We don’t really have a good ground plot for carrots, so this container allows us to have decent, soft soil and move it around to get the best sunlight. Right on cue, the seedlings emerged about 2 days ago. I’ll […]

Elsewhere: SproutRobot.com – Enter Zip and receive planting ideas for your zone and date

I came across this site via a post on Pinterest.com — a great place to find new ideas. SproutRobot.com allows you to enter your zip code and then receive info on what can be planted now in your are and how to do it. Great way to get some timely reminders of what you could […]

Elsewhere: Video: TedTalks: A Garden in My Apartment

A great talk on a system to building a garden anywhere you have available space and light. Does it give you some thought? It sure does that for me. Check it out! and let me know what you think in the comments. Could you use this in your house or apartment? Would you try it […]