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Garden Question: What do you do during Winter/rainy “non-gardening” months?

In much of the world, Winter is a time without gardening and for some, highly addictive gardeners, these months can seem to pass oh so slowly.  So, what do you do during these so-called “non-gardening” months in your area? Do you garden indoors or do you just sit back with the stacks of garden catalogs […]

Elsewhere: Gardening requires lots of water…

Certainly true in my case. (LAUGH) Source: museumstoreproducts.com via Amanda on Pinterest Read more on this topic: WINNER: Troy-Bilt Gas Leaf Blower Video: What Douglas Dug… Show 002 – Podcast Video: Garden Tip: Wine Bottle Container Waterer Video: Container Carrot Update #Gardenchat Transcript from March 7, 2011

Update: Bourgogne Live (France) links to my wine bottle waterer video

I noticed that my video from a few weeks ago on using wine bottles as waterers in your gardening containers was getting quite a view views, so I took a moment to hunt down where they were coming from. It seems that the Bourgogne-Live web site in Burgundy, France had embedded the video in one […]

Photo: Daffodils still holding on

Daffodils, originally uploaded by dewelch. The daffodils I planted this year (75 in all) seem to be a later blooming variety, and those in the shady parts of the garden area lasting much longer than those in full sun. These have been in bloom for nearly 2 weeks now and are still going strong. Read […]

OMG Strawberries!!!

OMG Strawberries, originally uploaded by dewelch. These strawberries were HUGE, but still had great strawberry flavor, which is unusual. I thought this shot turned out well, too, with the excellent depth of field and lighting. Via Flickr: Taken at an event for Friends of the Island Fox a charity dedicated to protecting this endangered species […]

Photo: Pond at Japanese Garden

Pond, originally uploaded by dewelch. I have been using Flickr to share my photos since 2004 and have over 5,300 photos there which have been viewed over 33,000 times. I’ll be re-visiting some of my favorite pictures and also those most popular with other Flickr users. This is one of the most popular garden-related posts […]

Photo: Elm tree leaves turn for Fall

Elm tree leaves turn for Fall, originally uploaded by dewelch. It seems like the Elm and Locust trees just discovered it was Fall. Within just a few days they have changed color and are dropping leaves at a high rate. We don’t get a lot of Fall color here in Los Angeles, but these provide […]

Photo: Wine bottle edging in the garden

Wine bottle edging in the garden, originally uploaded by dewelch. An overview of the wine bottle edging shown in my latest video. Read more on this topic: Question: Would you use recycled wine bottle edging around your garden beds? Video: How-To: Wine bottle edging for your garden beds project Project: Bottle Garden Bed Edging Photo: […]

Photo: Fig harvest from our large volunteer tree

Fig harvest from our large volunteer tree, originally uploaded by dewelch. We are getting 10-15 figs a day from this volunteer (well, bird-seeded) fig tree in the back garden. It s behind our little garden shed. This is good because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but bad because it wants to reach […]

Photo: Plums (Italian: pruna/susina) with ash from Mount Etna

Plums (Italian: pruna/susina), originally uploaded by dewelch. Here are some lovely, tiny, plums that were growing in our cousins garden in Sicily. Such a nice little mouthful, although it did have some fairly large seeds inside. Juicy as all get out, too. That “dirt” you see on the leaves is actually sabbia, or ash, from […]