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In the garden

Video: Creative Pruning – Black Pines

Douglas does some, long overdue, pruning of the black pines in his front garden, helping then develop and maintain their gnarled trunks. Theme Music: The One by The Woodshedders via http://musicalley.com Timelapse Music: “Mining by Moonlight” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)  – Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Can’t see the video above? Watch “Creative Pruning – Black Pines” […]

Photo: In the (container) garden for August 8, 2012

A few shots from the container garden taken yesterday evening. I counted at least 6 cucumbers starting to fruit in one container and saw new leaves sprouting from the strawberry plants. The zucchini plants are throwing off flowers like crazy, too. I also glimpsed a few tiny sprouts of oregano and spinach coming up in […]

Video: Container Vegetable Garden Update 003

In this update, Douglas plants some oregano and spinach seeds, pinches back the basil and the mint and checks on the status of the lettuce and the cucumbers. Music: “Whiskey on the MIssissippi” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)  – Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container Vegetable Garden Update 003” on YouTube  […]

Gardening videos on the Douglas E. Welch YouTube Channel

Each of my blogs has a section on my YouTube Channel where you can check out and share the various videos you see here. You can find all the garden-related videos in this YouTube Playlist for A Gardener’s Notebook. Can’t see the playlist above? Watch all the garden videos on YouTube. Read more on this […]

Kale rising!

It is good to see the kale finally getting ahead of the cabbage butterflies. I see the white butterfly around that specific container nearly every time I go out. In the future, I may need to throw some floating row cover over it just to keep the butterflies (and their larvae) out. Kale is one […]

Cucumber trellis and plant volunteers

After discovering that one of the plants on the container was a cucumber, I put out a small trellis for it to climb today. (See Container Vegetable Garden Update 001) We have pieces of this trellis all over the garden from the previous owners (16 years ago!?!?) so we always have a bit to use […]

Video: Container Vegetable Harvest and Update 001

A quick update on the container garden as I harvest some lettuce for our dinner. Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container Vegetable Harvest and Update 001” on YouTube Watch the “Container Vegetable Garden” Playlist for all related videos Please like this video and/or subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Your LIKES directly effect how […]

Photo: Pumpkin flower

I caught this lovely pumpkin flower in all its glory the other morning and wanted to share it here. The pumpkin plants are small, but they seem to be throwing off some particularly grand flowers. I hope they end up leading to actual pumpkins down the road. Read more on this topic: Photos: Pumpkin Flowers […]

In the neighborhood…July 7, 2012

A quick walk in the neighborhood this evening turned up these sites.  The mimosa trees in the neighborhood are all in bloom. These are pretty on the tree but make an awful mess on the lawn and sidewalk as they begin to drop. This grape vine has swamped the hedge that it is growing on. […]

Photos: Friends in the garden Part 2

Sunday was our annual summer garden party, which we have held each of the 16 years we have lived in this home. It is always great to have our friends by to sit and talk in the cool shade of the garden. Can’t see the slideshow above? View the entire set on Flickr Read more […]