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A Different DIY Garden from Troy-Bilt’s “The Dirt” Newsletter

My most recent article appeared today in “The Dirt” Troy-Bilt’s monthly newsletter as part of the Saturday6 program. Get your own subscription to The Dirt by signing up on the Troy-Bilt web site. A Different DIY Garden By Douglas E. Welch When most people talk about doing some DIY (do-it-yourself) in their garden, they are […]

Elsewhere: Worms Eat My Garbage …

My fellow Saturday6 blogger, Kylee Baumle over at Our Little Acre has a great story on getting started with her own worm composter. It sounds like it was quite an adventure, but one that is destined to return great rewards. I haven’t really investigated vermicomposting much as I have so much of all types of […]

Free Mulch Giveaway – City of Los Angeles

Information from the City of LA Web Site… Free Mulch Give-Away The Free Mulch Give-Away program is available to all L.A. Residents. The Bureau of Sanitation is “Closing The Loop” by providing free quality mulch in 11 different locations throughout the City of Los Angeles that are open to the public. Instructions: Bring your own shovel, bag […]

Video: Garden Tip – Put the goodness back in your garden

Keep your garden waste out of your city garden bin and put it to use for you. There is little need to buy bag after bag of compost, top dressing, and mulch each year when many of us have plenty of material to use right in our own gardens. Don’t see the video above? Watch […]

Homemade Potting soil and potting bench

Update: 20120426: I came across this link on making  your own seed compost today and thought is was a nice complement to this post. Enjoy! – DW How to Make Your Own Seed Compost from My Tiny Plot — Another project we accomplished the other day, using our own homemade compost, was some homemade, peat-free, […]

Compost harvest with photos

We took some time today to harvest some compost for a couple of purposes. One is to augment a, hoped for, vegetable bed that needs some improvement. The other project is to create some homemade potting soil for starting some seeds for said vegetable plot. I’ll have more to say about the potting soil in […]

Project: Homemade Potting soil project

I have been wanting to make my own potting soil for months now, but I have been slow to get off the mark. I have found may recipes online, but I needed to get to my local nursery to get some supplies. Today I picked up what you see below. On the left is coconut […]


When Halloween finished up in October, I took the advice in this Pinterest post about growing pumpkins from your old jack-o-lanterns. Source: growinginprek.com via Douglas on Pinterest   The Christmas deer below stands on top of what was, only a few weeks ago, a large pine tree. It, and another on the property, were infected […]

Don’t dump that Christmas Tree!

This post from LAist.com, How To Trash Your Tree reminded me that I hadn’t made plans to gather up Christmas Trees this year. Here in LA we usually end up with dozens of Christmas trees simply thrown out on lawns and dumped in empty lots. Despite info like this, a lot of people still take […]

Tip: Let the rain dampen your composter

From the gardenersnotebk Twitter account: A reminder to me by way of a reminder to you. 🙂 – Pop the top on your composter when it rains to give it a good soaking and keep it perking. If you use an enclosed composter like I do, the next time rain is forecast, pop the top […]