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Friday, May 05, 2006

At AltBuild 2006: Kathryn Kellogg Johnson and Gisele Schoniger of Kellogg Garden Products

This is the first of a series of videos I shot May 4, 2006 at AltBuild Expo, the alternative building materials and design expo.

More videos will be forthcoming in the next few days. Additional, non-gardening-related videos from the show appear in my other blog/podcast, My Word.

In this video, I talk with Kathryn Kellogg Johnson, VP of Environmental and Community Relations and Gisele Schoniger, Organic Gardening Educator at Kellogg Garden Products.

Watch this video

I'd love to hear what's going on in your garden. Post your comments here or email them to agn@welchwrite.com.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Comments, questions, votes and reviews

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If you enjoy A Gardener's Notebook, you can help others to find and enjoy it.

Please consider a monthly vote on Podcast Alley, posting a review in the iTunes Podcast Directory, or sharing your questions and comments here on the web site (see the Comments link below) or directly via email to agn@welchwrite.com.

Your votes and reviews help to spread the word about AGN and also help people make a choice of whether AGN is a podcast they will enjoy.

Your comments and questions keep AGN alive and share the beauty of your garden with all the other listeners.

Thanks for spreading the word about AGN. I look forward to many podcasts in the future. -- Douglas

Bewitching Blooms

Originally uploaded by dewelch.
The Bewitched roses that line our driveway are sending out some beautiful blooms. They seem to have recovered from their black spot attack and are also throwing off nice new foliage.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Book: The Blue Rose: An English Garden Mystery

I am in the middle of this book, part of a series of "English Garden Mysteries", but I wanted to tell you about it, even before I reach the end.

A great combination of gardening and mystery, The Blue Rose, tells the story of a couple who, upon purchasing and refurbishing an old parsonage garden, come across a once in a lifetime discovery...a blue rose.

I am in Chapter 9 and things are beginning to heat up as word about the rose leaks out. People and companies across the globe want to have this rose, some more unscrupulous than others.

Perfect reading while you sip lemonade in your favorite garden chair.

Eglin just released the second book in the series, The Lost Gardens

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Monday, May 01, 2006

British Garden Magazines in Dirt

Wow! While I have leafed through various UK Gardening Magazines, I was never effected in quite the way that writer Amy Stewart was when reading BBC Gardens Illustrated. She has an excellent post on her blog, Dirt, about the wonderful things to be found within the magazine. I think I will have to pick up a copy for myself. Just reading her summaries of the articles wets my appetite.
Why British Garden Magazines Are So Vastly Superior to Our Own

At first, I didn't think the answer would be so simple. I thought I'd page through a few UK garden magazines and be left with a vague sense that their photographs were better, plants more unusual, writing more clever, and that they were just--well, hipper and smarter than us in the way that all things European tend to be. But in fact, when I picked up the May issue of the BBC Gardens Illustrated (not necessarily even the best UK garden magazine if you ask the locals, just the one I happened to be able to find at my bookstore), the answer was immediately obvious:

British garden magazines focus on people. American garden magazines focus on plants.


(Via Dirt.)

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

AGN is an iTunes Top 100 Audioblog Podcast

Wandering through iTunes today showed that A Gardener's Notebook is currently #63 of the Top 100 Audioblog podcasts in Apple's podcast directory. WooHoo!

Considering how many podcasts are in the directory, this makes me feel pretty good. Thanks to all the subscribers who use iTunes. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your Ma! (SMILE)

If you usually listen to AGN directly from the web site, consider subscribing to the podcast via iTunes or your favorite podcatching client. Subscriber numbers, reviews and votes on Podcast Alley and other sites is a great way of letting me know you are listening.

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Weeding..., A Video

Just in case your own weeding has fallen behind, and you can't get away from the computer to change that fact...I present "Weeding...", a short video where you can pretend you are out fighting the weeds in your own garden instead of writing that report on the poor quality of a supplier's goods which his effecting overall quality at your company...or whatever else you are doing instead of taking care of your garden. (SMILE)

The best thing about this though, is I actually did get a bit of weeding done myself today, as well as cleaning up the purple fountain grass and planting a bed of Caladiums a friends gave me. WooHoo! A little bit each day. That's my motto.

Watch the "Weeding...." video Now!

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Problems using Doppler and our feeds?

Something to be aware of, if you use Doppler with a FeedBurner created RSS feed.

I have had several Doppler users email me recently that they were unable to access my feed for Career-Op. I thought perhaps there were some errors in the RSS, and their were some minor ones, but after installing Doppler here and seeing the error logs, it appeared to be something much worse. After a bit of tinkering, I have found the problem and reported it to FeedBurner.

If you have "Feed item link clicks (clickthrough tracking)" turned on in your FB feed, it re-writes the link URLs to something like http://feeds.feedburner.com/career?m=402. This allows them to collect clickthroughs on each post.

Unfortunately. Doppler sees this URL as an error and refuses to download any items.

Turning off this feature, restores their ability to receive the files, though. I am disabling it in all my FB feeds until the issue is resolved. You can find this option by clicking on the Standard Stats button along the left side of your "Analyze" page on FeedBurner.

Just a heads up in case you were being denied your regular dose of Career Opportunities and didn't know why? (SMILE)