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Saturday, March 25, 2006


The folks at la.foodblogging.com offer up some great links to Tomatomania and the Tapia Brothers Tomato "Festival" just a mile or so from the house.

Due to my odd food phobias, texture issues and such, I don't really like whole tomatoes, although I love tomato-based sauces. Still, delving into the variety of tomatoes that are available is interesting and could, perhaps, lead me into a deeper appreciation of tomatoes.


Do you love tomatoes? I like them. However, I can’t say I’m a tomato fanatic. However, there are people who are. Check out the people at Tomatomania.

So how did this non-fanatic find out about Tomato maniacs? [Continues]

(Via la.foodblogging.)

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Monday, March 20, 2006

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Lecture: Inside Out, Outside In: Landscape, Architecture and the Getty Villa

Inside Out, Outside In: Landscape, Architecture and the Getty Villa
Thursday April 20, 2006 -- 8 pm
Auditorium, Getty Villa

Wim de Wit, head of Special Collections and Visual Resources at the Getty
Research Institute and co-curator of the exhibition The Getty Villa
Reimagined, will discuss the role of the natural landscape in Machado and
Silvetti's renovation of the Getty Villa. This lecture will explore various
features of Machado and Silvetti's redesign—such as the visitor entry
sequence, the creation of windows and skylights in the Museum, and the
construction of the outdoor theater—that helped link interior and exterior
spaces and redefined the Getty Villa's relationship to the Malibu canyon

Note: Reservations available beginning March 23.

Link: Getty Center Web Site
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Link: Books and more about the Getty Center

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Welcome, O' Spring and shed your warming light...

That's right, Spring's a-coming tomorrow. The Vernal Equinox arrives and the days begin to grow longer than the nights until the Summer Solstice starts the trend towards Winter on June 21.

What's that you say? Snow on the ground. Snow in the air. snow on the tulips. Well, yes, the coming of Spring doesn't always mean the coming of Spring weather, that is for sure. I remember that in my Ohio hometown the first day of Spring usually meant snow showers of some sort. Sometime light, sometimes heavy, but almost always.

Even here in Van Nuys we have been having wet and blustery Spring-like weather for the last couple of weeks. It is great for the garden, and I try to appreciate these days. Soon they will be replaced with 90-100 degree temperatures. Ish!

So, get out there and shake off your Winter blues. Sharpen your tools and make preparations...for the garden is coming alive again!

Link: Previous mentions of Spring

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