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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Benign Neglect and Darwinian Gardening

Others have chimed in with similar comments on this story on Darwinian Gardening. I call it simply "benign neglect. I pay decent attention to my garden, but on a sporadic basis. (SMILE)

Good to know it isn’t just me…

and that there is an explanation for the way I garden:


"Darwinian Gardening: Like everything else, gardening works best if you know yourself. If you are aware that you tend to be disorganized and inattentive, plan a garden that can accommodate this. Choose flowers that can survive a little abuse and ... [Feedster gardening]

What Tree is That? Tree Identification Guide

In the past I had to learn how to identify plants and trees by "keying" them out according to various charts and books. This online version of tree identification leads you through the process, hopefully arriving at the tree you are trying to identify. Even if it doesn't get the right tree, though, you will learn a lot about identifying trees and plants in a systematic way.

What Tree is That? Tree Identification Guide

Monday, January 24, 2005

Cooking on the Radio: A Very Special Interview with Rick Bayless

Crossposted from My Word...

Jeff Nemcher, over at the Cooking on the Radio Podcast & blog has an excellent interview with Rick Bayless, an expert on Mexican food and a well-known author, television personality and chef.

Rick talks about his grant program which offers funding to small, independent farmers in order to insure a supply of fresh, local foodstuffs for his restaurants and the general public.

Well worth a listen. Listen using the link below.

Cooking on the Radio with Jeff Nemcher :: A Very Special Interview with Rick Bayless

Sunday, January 23, 2005

First Daffodils of the Year

The first daffodils of the year are now in full bloom in the front garden. What was a CostCo impulse buy 2 years ago has turned into a reliable, beautiful and annual show. Bulbs are such a great thing to have in your garden. The surprise of leaping leaves and beautiful blooms spontaneously erupting from the ground is wonderful. I was going to buy and plant more bulbs this year, but it looks I have missed the window and will have to wait until this Fall to put more in the ground.