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Friday, January 14, 2005

Butterfly Gardening 101 from Heavenly Butterfly Garden

If you are looking to attract butterflies to your garden, here is a great place to start. I get quite a few butterflies here due to the original design of the garden, but I could always have more. The active enticement of butterflies to the garden could defintely be one part of this year's garden rehab. This page has excellent and detailed information for those of you who want to do the same.

Heavenly Butterfly Garden - Butterfly Gardening 101

A Gardening Haiku from tinywords.com

the greenhouse--

on the seed catalogue

a half eaten red apple

-Jörgen Johansson

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

When the yard's a blank slate - Los Angeles Times

I found this interesting article, When the yard's a blank slate, in the Home Section of today's LA Times. (Free reg. required)

This is bascially what the previous owners had done to our property in the years before we bought it. They had pictures of the bare dirt and one, scrawny tree that occupied the space when they arrived.

I am a big proponent of gardens over lawns, especially here in LA, so it is heartening to see others with the same idea.

There are quite a few good ideas in the article for softening and enchancing the typical, flat, LA back yard.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Upscale Birdhouses

If you are lover of modern architecture, and have a few hundred bucks to spare, check out these upscale birdhouses available from Modern Birdhouses.

These are hardy constructions made from cedar and aluminum and designed as an homage to various modern architects.