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Friday, October 15, 2004

First rain?

So, the weather folks are pointing to a possibility of rain this weekend. I certainly hope that all works out. According to my handy-dandy calendar, the first rain came on Hallowe'en night last year. I remember it well.

We can certainly use the rain. They are calling for another dry year (our 5th or 6th), but I always see early rain as a good sign.

I haven't gotten any bulbs to put in the ground yet, and it might end up being too late, but I will keep looking for something interesting to put in the ground before the "big rains" comes.

While many of you are more worried about frost than rain, keep us in your thoughts and we will do the same.

Spring always comes again!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Event: Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling

SUN 10/17 11am

Sooky Goldman Nature Ctr

Enhance the way you look at the natural world around you. Bring a sketchbook or pad, pencil, pen, and a small folding stool or chair. 2hrs WODOC

Monday, October 11, 2004

First bulbs of the season!

As always happens here in LA, the bulbs come out in the Fall, instead of the Spring.

A quick walk int he garden this morning showed these, probably paperwhites, coming up in the patio bed. The rest ofthe bulbs scattered throughout the garden won't come up until the rains come, if they come. I love the surprises we find each year as the daffodils and other bulbs naturalize more and more. It certainly perks up the garden after the relative dormancy of the Summer heat.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Gardening pictures galore

If you haven't run across it already, Flickr.com is a photo-sharing site that allows you to upload photos for friends, family or the general public. Even more, they allow you to keyword your photos so they can be grouped and displayed by topics.

For example, visiting this link shows you all the pictures tagged with the keyword "garden" that have been uploaded recently. Even better, each grouping is also an RSS feed, so you can add it to your RSS reader and easily monitor all the garden pictures added each day.

I have seen some marvelous pictures come through the feed and find it a great way to get in a gardening frame of mind throughout the day.