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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cornerstone Festival: The Art of Landscape Design

NPR has an audio story (with pictures) on the avant-garde Cornerstone Festival: The Art of Landscape Design.

This is a collection of gardening as art form, focusing on hardscape and artwork as oppossed to traditional plantings and plants. It sounds like an excellent place to get you thinking about both gardening and art and developing new ideas for your own garden. Much like high fashion, you may not want to duplicate these gardens, but you might find your own ideas within.

Monday, September 06, 2004


Although the temperatures are more like July, the trees and shrubs seem to know that it is the beginning of Fall.

I noticed yesterday that both the Locust tree and the Wisteria in the back garden are starting to turn color. With temps in the 100's, though, I don't thing we are going to be feeling like it is time for cider, pumpkins and corn shocks for a while yet.

We are still watering on our Summer schedule and that will continue until the temperatures come down and the rain finally decides to fall. Sometimes this doesn't occur until November or December, though, so it could be a long wait.