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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Window Greenhouses

Martha Stewart Living Magazines has an excellent article on Window Greenhouses in the February 2004 issue. While the info isn't available online, it is worth a trip to the library to check it out. There are quite detailed designs and information on the plants that might thrive in the greenhouse, should you decide to add on to your home.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Greetings to readers from Providence

A hearty welcome to those of you who found AGN via a link from the Providence Journal and thanks for Sheila Lennon for adding the mention of AGN.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

New garden-related products available from Cafepress

I have added a new store to my Cafepress collection. It contains products with this picture, from my recent trip to Sicily. They are a great match for the gardeners in your life.

Check out the wide selection at:


Additional stores are also open at:



Nasturtiums and Paper Whites

The Paper-whites are in full bloom outside the back door. I am always amazed at their vigor each year. I once read that the smell of paper-whites is a bit like burning electrical wiring and I must say, that is true in some ways. The smell always catches me by surprise when I step out into the garden. Being a computer geek, the smell of burning electrical is never a happy thing, so I have remind myself that it is the flowers, not something about to blow up. (SMILE)

In the same bed, the nasturtiums I planted years ago are coming up again. A few years after we moved in I scattered some wildflower seed mix to try and fill in some holes. While most of the other flowers performed poorly, the nasturtiums from that mix naturalized and have returned every year. They are a really nice cover for the fading bulbs blooms as the summer progresses.

Not much rain in the last week. The storm I talked about a few days ago did indeed fall apart before it got to the Valley. I would like a nice steady rain to help out the transplanted roses from a week or so ago. I checked them yesterday and I am seeing signs of budding, so hopefully this means they will re-establish themselves and survive the summer. I will keep you informed on their progress.