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Saturday, August 30, 2003

DoItYourself.com Gardening Tips

These folks have a host of gardening tips and advice on their site. Some of the more advanced information, like Installing a garden pond, come with Flash animation slide shows for each step in the project.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Prepping for our big pasta/potluck garden party this weekend, so we are in major cleanup mode.

Tonight, I trimmed back our sprawling rosemary bush, as it was encroaching on other plants in the bed. Now it looks nice and neat. The trouble is, I have enough rosemary to supply every restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. Worse still, I don't use a lot of rosemary in my cooking, although I do sometimes brew up a cup of rosemary tea to calm my stomach.

I took the trimmings, bundled them together and hung them up to dry on the back patio. I am going to offer them up to party guests on Sunday. We have a few gourmet/gourmand among our friends so that should reduce the number somewhat. It makes me wish I had a big piece of pork to roast over an open flame, tossing the rosemary stems in the fire for a little extra flavor. Hmmmm.

Monday, August 25, 2003

High Country Gardens - Plants for the Western Garden

The folks over at Recommendo posted and item about High Country Gardens, a company specializing in plants for Western Gardens.

These plants are delivered as seedlings instead of seed, to give them a better start in difficult environments.

Personal experience with the company is available in the Recommendo article.

Gardening Blog Recommendation

Garden Spot

I came across this blog in my Feedster search for gardening information. I use this to keep up on what other people are saying about their gardens.

The Garden Spot resembles this blog in that it is a recounting of the daily trials and tribulations of gardening. It could be especially helpful if you are gardening in Texas, like the authors.

There are lots of good links, many of which I will be visiting as soon as I post this entry.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

A Walk Through the Getty Garden

While visiting the Getty Center yesterday, (August 23), I came upon the idea of creating a walk-through of the striking gardens, for those of you who have never had a chance to visit.

While it is far from a comprehensive survey of the garden, I hope it will give you a small idea of what it is like. (Click the photo or go directly to the photo gallery.)

The garden changes from season to season, especially so in Winter when the Sycamores lose their leaves. The meandering path takes on an entirely different character. The usually shaded path opens to the sky, letting in the warming Witner Winter sun, low in the sky.

We live just down the hill from the Getty Center, and visit frequently. Even my 5-year-old, Joe, loves the place. The gardens give him some room to roam and there is an excellent Family Room with lots of kid activities, including dress up costumes.

I hope you enjoy this photo visit.

Attract more color to your garden: Bring in the butterflies

This is a nice article from the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson on attracting butterflies to your garden. I must be doing something good by accident as I tend to have a good collection of butterflies visiting my garden. I am sure, though, that some more information like this and I would be able to attract even more.