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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Natives and more...

The native wildflowers we picked up back in February have started to bloom in the shade garden. They bring a dash of color to what is an otherwise rather dismal part of the garden. I have been placing more attention on this area, but it looks like it is going to take quite a bit more time to really make it shine.

The summer heat has started, although it isn't bad every day, yet. The heat quickly knocked down the bulb foliage, so there will be a bit of cleanup to do there. It also burnt up the nastursiums that has been so pretty in the patio bed. I can take heart in the fact that they will both return with the rains next Winter.

The society garlic I transplanted a few weeks ago is going gangbusters, even better that the first group I transplanted last year. Having the trees cleaned up really opened up the light in that area and they are making great use of it.

The heat tends to keep me out of the garden, but I am making an effort this year to use the time around dusk to get something done everyday. Time will tell how well I stick to my plan.