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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ventura's back roads are abloom - Los Angeles Times

Orange burst - PaD 4/21/07 - Flowering Vine PictureThe Los Angeles Times has a nice article on the nursuries and growers of Ventura County, giving a sort of mini-tour of the back roads and places to see.

I am wondering if I can somehow fit this into my own weekend?

Ventura's back roads are abloom - Los Angeles Times

Ventura's back roads are abloom
Discover a stunning array of flowers, trees and shrubs on a tour of growing grounds.
By Nan Sterman, Special to The Times
April 26, 2007

NOT long ago, the Los Angeles area was filled with specialty nurseries that grew nearly every kind of landscape plant imaginable orchids, roses, cactuses. The rise in property values during the last few decades, however, has pushed growers, especially the smaller ones, to the fringes. (Continues)

(Via The Los Angeles Times - Home Section.)

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