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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Elsewhere Online: Caltech branches into olive oil - Los Angeles Times

A great story of some inventive students turning something ornamental into something useful. The campus of Valley College, near us here in Van Nuys, is also studded with olive trees. I wonder if they might consider the same idea.

It always feels like such a waste to see the olives on the ground at the end of each season.

Caltech branches into olive oil - Los Angeles Times

The Pit Expulsion Lab? Students will bottle the fruit from campus' copious trees.
By Larry Gordon, Times Staff Writer
April 28, 2007

Take 130 trees dropping olives on campus walkways. Add in students seeking prankish respite from their studies. Mix in a French-born university president with a taste for Mediterranean cuisine.

(Via The Los Angeles Times.)

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Blogger Sylvana said...

That was a very interesting story. I love the idea of a tradition started, the basic need of people connecting with the land, not wasting a resource as valuable as olives, and finding the good rather than concentrating on the bad.


8:53 PM  

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