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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Video: Replacing the bird feeder

My son, Joseph, and I took some time today to install a new bird feeder in the back yard. My old, wooden platform feeder, now 10-years-old has seen better days. I built this feeder out of scraps left by t he previous owners of our house. The wooden closet rod I used as a pole has rotted off at least once, leaving the feeder a bit short and my plastic squirrel baffles had finally given into to the effects of sun and rain.

Our new feeder is an Advanced Pole System (APS), that we purchased at Wild Birds Unlimited, where my friend, Keri, now works. You may remember Keri from our Bird Walk video back in February. This system allows you customize your feeder in a myriad of ways including a variety of arms, squirrel baffles and feeders.

Watch the Video

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