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Friday, May 19, 2006

From AltBuild: Kim O'Cain from Santa Monica Environmental Programs Division

This is the fifth in a series of videos I shot May 4, 2006 at AltBuild Expo, the alternative building materials and design expo.

More videos will be forthcoming in the next few days. Additional, non-gardening-related videos from the show appear in my other blog/podcast, My Word.

In this video, I talk with Kim O'Cain of the Santa Monica Environmental Programs Division.

From the SMEPD Web Site...

The Environmental Programs Division (EPD) is charged with protecting the environment and safeguarding the public health to create a more sustainable future. The division develops and implements programs to manage natural resources and hazardous materials, promote conservation and efficiency efforts, and administer and enforce many of Santa Monica’s environmental laws.

The EPD is responsible for the development and implementation of the Sustainable City Plan, a plan that sets long-term policy goals to harness the power of local government, business and individuals to address many of the economic, environmental, and societal forces in such a way as to protect our way of life for future generations.

The EPD is responsible for significant policy initiatives that include the city’s Strategic Energy Plan, the Toxics Use Reduction Program and the Integrated Pest Management Program, water efficiency programs, and collaborates with other city departments to integrate sustainability practices with ongoing city operations.

The EPD also manages the Household and Small Business Hazardous Waste Center and the safe recycling and disposal of hazardous wastes generated by city operations.

Watch this video

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