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Monday, May 01, 2006

British Garden Magazines in Dirt

Wow! While I have leafed through various UK Gardening Magazines, I was never effected in quite the way that writer Amy Stewart was when reading BBC Gardens Illustrated. She has an excellent post on her blog, Dirt, about the wonderful things to be found within the magazine. I think I will have to pick up a copy for myself. Just reading her summaries of the articles wets my appetite.
Why British Garden Magazines Are So Vastly Superior to Our Own

At first, I didn't think the answer would be so simple. I thought I'd page through a few UK garden magazines and be left with a vague sense that their photographs were better, plants more unusual, writing more clever, and that they were just--well, hipper and smarter than us in the way that all things European tend to be. But in fact, when I picked up the May issue of the BBC Gardens Illustrated (not necessarily even the best UK garden magazine if you ask the locals, just the one I happened to be able to find at my bookstore), the answer was immediately obvious:

British garden magazines focus on people. American garden magazines focus on plants.


(Via Dirt.)

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