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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Grow it anywhere

Take any open space and convert it back into productive land. Cool!

This is certainly easier than my idea of turning every unimproved lot in Los Angeles into an allotment. (SMILE)


CITY FARMING PLANT MODULES enable persons to grow plants in cities. The plant modules can be arranged in multiple formations directly on pavement, squares, etc.


The plant modules consist of soil, which is wrapped up in semitransparent, semi-permeable fibre cloth made into flexible forms. Water is introduced into every module by hoses that can be connected to drain pipes on buildings or to other water sources. The parts of the hoses that are inside the modules are perforated, which allows the water to seep out into the soil. Rainwater will also penetrate the fibre cloth, which will retain moisture while allowing excess water to escape.

(Via n55.dk)

Additional Plant Systems and Lights from Amazon.com


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