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A little time in the garden this weekend

I finally found that this weekend I didn’t feel I have a 100 other tasks to complete, so somehow I ended up in the garden. I really had only planned to filled the bird feeders, but then I allowed some other tasks to attract my attention First was just a little cleanup in the back […]

Elsewhere Online: Before & After: From Rustic Barn to Zen Garden

Sorry to see an old barn go, but this is an amazing rebuild/reuse — Douglas Studio G – Garden Design & Landscape Design inspiration Read and see more pictures at Before & After: From Rustic Barn to Zen Garden. Read more on this topic: I Like This – February 11, 2011 Elsewhere Online: Gutter Gardens Elsewhere […]

Palm Trees using Toonpaint for iPhone

Palm Trees – Toonpaint, originally uploaded by dewelch. A quick Toonpaint enhanced photo of the old palm trees at a friend’s house. I like the way the program stylized the trees. They almost seem to be moving. Read more on this topic: Ash tree in Winter Lake Balboa Cherry Trees Bloom 2010

Ash tree in Winter

Ash tree in Winter, originally uploaded by dewelch. A blustery day here in Los Angeles. The bare ash tree was rustling and swaying in the wind. The temperature was in the low 60’s but the wind made it seem much colder. Nothing like the blizzard back east, but cool for LA. This photo was taken […]

Azalea blooms

Azalea blooms, originally uploaded by dewelch. One entire area of our geometric azalea beds is exploding with color today. I grabbed this quick shot as we headed out for our daily walk. Read more on this topic: Azalea in Bloom…So soon? Tasks: Azalea Trimming Brugmansia seen on my walk Jacaranda mimosafolia on my walk Nandina […]

Nandina berries

Nandina berries, originally uploaded by dewelch. Some additional color in the garden at this time of year. Read more on this topic: Azalea in Bloom…So soon? Jacaranda mimosafolia on my walk


Snowbells, originally uploaded by dewelch. Pretty snowbells in the back garden today. The white against the dark foliage, and the tiny green dots on the white flowers look so amazing. Read more on this topic: The bulbs have arrived in the garden again Azalea in Bloom…So soon?

First Daffodils and my Google-based gardening calendar

First Daffodils, originally uploaded by dewelch. A quick iPhone photo of the first daffodils to appear in the garden this year. I noticed them coming up about a week ago, but just saw these as I stepped outside to take some video of the street resurfacing that is happening on our street. Adding the bloom […]

Azalea in Bloom…So soon?

Azalea in Bloom, originally uploaded by dewelch. I don’t remember ever seeing the Azaleas in bloom so early in the year, but the large, mature bush right outside the front door is showing some lovely flowers already. I am guessing the heavy rains we had in December (and continue to have) have convinced them that […]

Top Gardeners Notebook Posts for 2010

Event: Tomatomania 2010 Repairing a damaged drip irrigation line Review: TB57 Lithium Ion Battery Cordless String Trimmer / Weed Trimmer Casting concrete leaves from/for the garden Freebies = Free Bees! Product Review: The Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Cultivator RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010 Gardening books are friendly, supportive and stimulating companions Your Urban Garden The garden […]