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Mini-review: Troy-Bilt Hand Tools – Pruners

I received a complete collection of hand tools from Troy-Bilt as part of my membership in the Saturday6. I posted an overview photo of the complete set earlier, but I wanted to show some details and talk a bit more about the tools today. I have now had a chance to use these a bit […]

Photo: Passiflora, passiflora fruit and Gulf Fritillary caterpillar

I felt so lucky to find this picture along our walk. Here you have 3 major components of the passiflora life cycle — the alien-looking flowers, the resulting fruit and even a Gulf Fritillary caterpillar (there on the right above the green fruit), which feeds almost exclusively on passiflora. I hadn’t noticed the caterpillar initially as […]

Photo: Acanthus Flowers

I always think of Acanthus as an important ingredient to any cottage garden. I don’t have a cottage garden,  by any means, but I do have a few acanthus in front of the house. I look forward to their re-appearance each year. They are perfect for my gardening style, as they require NO maintenance. These […]

Photo: Mimosa Flowers and Choosing trees

Mimosa Flowers, originally uploaded by dewelch. Another photo from our neighborhood walk a few days ago. These are the flowers of the Mimosa tree. We have several in out neighborhood. The leaves are supposedly sensitive — if you stroke them with your hand they will begin to close up their leaves. Unfortunately, these trees due […]

Photo: Magnolia Blossom (Open)

Magnolia Blossom (Open), originally uploaded by dewelch. Another photo from our little neighborhood walk yesterday. This huge Magnolia Grandiflora bloom was in the shade, but looked wonderful. Used a little fill flash to add some more light. Note the little fly in the upper-left. Didn’t notice him/her when I took the shot. On a camera […]

Photo: Passiflora Flower

Passiflora Flower, originally uploaded by dewelch. Picked up a new camera today, the Olympus PEN E-PL1, a Micro FourThirds unit that is a big step up from the Kodak Point and Shoot and the iPhone 4 I have been using. To try it out, my wife and I went our on a short neighborhood photo […]

Photo: The Garden in Summer

A nice shot of the woodland corner of the garden during our annual summer party. This spot remains cool in the summer and brings a little bit of the forest into our urban Van Nuys back yard. I have my bird feeders and birdbath in this area, too. My wife’s favorite willow swing, the second […]

Products: Troy-Bilt Hand Gardening Tools

Three boxes just arrived on my door step and, having heard from my fellow Saturday6 bloggers, I knew exactly what they would be. As part of the Saturday6 program, Troy-Bilt has sent us all a collection of their new line of hand tools. According to Troy-Bilt, “The tools are made from hardened, coated and ground […]

Project: Bottle Garden Bed Edging

While I was out on a computer consulting call, my wife and son started in on this project. We had seen edging like this in the past and I also did some Google Image searches to see how others had used empty glass bottles in their garden.There are a variety of ways to do it, […]

Photo: Updated Succulent Container

Updated Succlent Container, originally uploaded by dewelch. Last week we visited the Photos: Los Angeles Cactus & Succulent Society 11th Annual Exhibit and Plant Sale. While there we picked up 5 mall plants and today my son, joe, and I used them to refurbish this succulent container. I would love to tell you what the […]