Vintage Botanical Prints – 12 in a series – Passiflora kermesina print from The floral cabinet and magazine of exotic botany (1837)

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from The floral cabinet and magazine of exotic botany (1837) via The Internet Archive

A slender climbing shrub, with a smooth round dark-green stem. The leaves are shining, of a dark-green colour on their upper surface, and a pale purplish- red beneath, the lobes serrulated at the base, and the serratures furnished with shortly stipitate glands ; the petioles round, with two small stipitate glands near the middle ; the stipules foliaceous, semi-cordate, somewhat tendrilled at the apex, and occasionally toothed towards the base. The peduncles are slender, axillary,’ and, like the rest of the genus, have an evident articulation beneath the flower. The calyx is crimson, the divisions of which are linear-oblong, obtuse. The petals in form and colour resemble the sepals, but are somewhat larger. The corona consists of a series of filamentous rays, the exterior of which are tipped with white. These elegant appendages of the flower are somewhat ambiguous in their nature : they have been considered by some as abortive stamens ; while Dr. Lindley is disposed to regard them as a peculiar modification of petals.

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