Dazzling Dahlias - 22 in a series - The Dahlia Society of California


The Dahlia Society of California (DSC) is the San Francisco chapter of the American Dahlia Society. It was organized in 1917 under the laws of the California, two years after the American Dahlia Society was organized on May 10, 1915. DSC is a member of the Pacific Southwest Dahlia Conference, and an affiliate of the National Dahlia Society of England.

Dahlia is the official flower of the City of San Francisco.

DSC has been continuously publishing Bulletin/Newsletter for its members since its very inception. In the 20s, the Society published a very professional Bulletin worthy of its time. And, in this twentieth-first century, the DSC has continued this tradition with the monthly publication of the eNewsletter.

According to the masthead of the Bulletin in the 1920s, the goal of the Society is:
“It aims to unite ALL parties acceptable to one another without regard to sex, occupation or profession, who feel an interest in Dahlia culture, especially for its own sake; to issue bulletins or other literature pertaining to the Dahlia and its culture; to arrange exhibits of the flower; and to assist others in so doing; to work together in a spirit of helpfulness and co-operation; to the end that public taste may be stimulated, our homes made more attractive and beautiful, and that the glory of our state may be magnified”.