Historical Seed Catalogs: Webster’s mammoth packet & bulk seeds (1900) – 54 in a series

Historical Seed Catalogs: Webster's mammoth packet & bulk seedse (1900) - 54 in a series

Historical Seed Catalogs: Webster's mammoth packet & bulk seeds (1900) - 54 in a series

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I am glad of this opportunity to present you with my “Wholesale List of High Grade Seeds* I realize fully that QUALITY COUNTS FOR MORE in this than in any other line of merchandise, and I do not need to tell you that cheap seed, grown by irresponsible growers in a careless and haphazard manner, with but the one object in view of reducing the cost of production regardless of quality, are never cheap seed to buy, no matter at what price they can be, procured* Such seed are sure to be a sore disappointment to the one who uses them and an injury to the trade of the dealer who sells them. The prosperity of the country, the advance in wages and better prices for produce has had its effect in a general way upon the value of seeds, and no one should expect to get their seed at as low a price as in the last few years of depression, light trade and overproduction* Prices of seed are firm and advancing* Not in years have all the conditions of the seed trade been as healthy as at present* Competition is brisk among seedsmen, but we do not find it necessary to put the price below the cost of production in order to effect sales* There is no surplus stock in sight and of very many things there will not be enough to go around* We want to congratulate all who placed their orders for bulk seed with us early, as they have profited by so doing, and I would suggest that any who have not ordered attend to the matter as soon as possible, as there are many items on which the supply will be exhausted before the season is over.

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