New gardens at the L.A. Zoo show us how we can help birds at home via The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Zoo bird curator Mike Maxcy believes small changes can have a huge effect — in the garden and in wildlife.

“Habitat loss is the worst, but you can mitigate it,” he said. “During this time of year we have a mass migration of birds from the Pacific Flyway. It’s important to remember that there are small things we can do to help them.”

Prompted by 2018’s designation as the Year of the Bird, the zoo planted six bird-friendly demonstration gardens earlier this year in an effort to create a template for visitors to use in their yard, patio or porch at home.

The small, inconspicuous gardens are planted in underused pockets throughout the zoo. Each is marked with a sign representing California, Baja California, South America, Australasia, North America or Africa as well as plant identification and pictures of birds you might spot in the garden.